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The Essential Guide to 360 degree product spins

Author: Swiftspin - Leaders in 360 product photography development

Pages: 30 (Completely revised May 2012)

Format: PDF

Overview: This 35 page free guide is the perfect introduction for photographers and retailers wanting to produce 360 product spins. From equipment required to software features, it is essential reading for every studio photographer.

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    "Thanks for sending your excellent guide. It has inspired me to offer a 360 service now"

  • What others have said about our Free 360 spin guide

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  • What others have said about our Free 360 spin guide

    "Fantastic file, thanks"

  • What others have said about our Free 360 spin guide

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PLUS - How to build a 360 turntable; How to shoot products in 360; How to animate a 360 spin; And, 360 rollover software template - All completely FREE!

'360 Spins' is the number one introduction to 360 product spin photography. This 30 page guide is packed with the essential information professional product photographers need to know before offering a 360 product spin service.

A recent survey by Adobe® reveals that 360 degree spins are globally the highest ranked planned rich media. In other words your clients aren't happy with boring flat images. They want their products photographed in 360 degrees.

This comprehensive and completely free guide, is written by industry leaders Swiftspin, and describes the essential facts about this fast-growing online display technology. Inside you'll find a few of the trade secrets used by the professionals as well as free step-by-step guides to 360 product photography techniques.

Among other things, you'll learn the top 10 tips that will save you time and money by not reinventing the wheel. Including advice on shooting in 360 degrees.

You'll discover exactly what 360 product photography is, how a 360 spin is created and the best 360 equipment to use when shooting one. It describes the difference between manual and automatic 360 turntables and gives some useful hints when using them.

The guide also gives you an overview of the types of 360 software available, as well as describing 360 features such as zoom and magnify and how they can improve your spins. The marketing benefits of 360 product spins are also covered as well as the all-important answers to your clients' questions. Plus, discover the 7 biggest 360 mistakes to avoid - at your peril.

Above all, after reading this document, you'll have the knowledge to start producing profitable 360 spins yourself. This 30 page, full-colour guide has been written specifically for professional commercial photographers so don't miss out. Order your free copy today.

Contents in detail:

Introduction to 360 degree product photography; 10 Top 360 spin tips; What exactly is 360º product photography?; How is a 360 spin created?; 360 photography; The 360 turntable; Centering a product for 360 spinning; Styling a product; Lighting a product for a 360 view; The camera; The ideal number of images for a 360 spin; 360 processing; Retouching a 360 spin; Colour balancing; 7 spin photography mistakes to avoid; Animating 360 product views; 360 spins in Flash; 360 interactivity; Stop-frame animation; 360 spins for mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads; 360 product videos; Branding 360 spins; Benefits of 360 product spins; Will it improve sales?; Advice for smaller budgets; Preparing products for 360 photography; Swiftspin Member's Scheme; Summing up

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